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****Entries for the 2020 Presidential Campaign will begin in January of 2018.  Please come back and support the B.E.E.R. Party!****


NEAR BEER NEWS - It's just like fake news, but we're hoping ours will leave a better taste in your mouth!
NEAR BEER NEWS will be following Les Vilda on his "B.E.E.R. RUN TO THE WHITE HOUSE".  Les will be driving his 1920 Model TT Ford Truck (Mobile Campaign Headquarters) from his home town of Wilber, Nebraska to Washington, D.C.  A new episode (updates) will be posted on YouTube every Saturday (at least) until Les reaches the White House.
Episode 1 (10/10/2020) - Meet Candidate Les Vilda and find out why he wants to become President of the United States.


Episode 2 (10/17/2020) - Follow Les Vilda to Hannibal, MO.  Find out more about the B.E.E.R. Party.


Episode 3 (10/24/2020) - Follow Les Vilda to Bedford, IN.  Explore The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library.  


As you're browsing this page, please enjoy this original, toe-tapping B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Campaign song "America Needs Les" written and sung by Dave Marchant


** CAMPAIGN 2020 **

Campaign slogan......."Because You Couldn't Do Any Worse!"

I want to keep all of you B.E.E.R. PARTY enthusiasts apprised as to how my campaign progresses.  So, every week or two this page will be updated with campaign stories and photos.  Please come back often!



**********BOOK A PERFORMANCE TODAY!**********

            I am now accepting bookings for 2020 community festivals, fairs, events, or….??  I will bring my Mobile Campaign Headquarters (1920 Model TT Ford Truck) to your event, for an hour or all day(s), and perform ‘whistle stop’ campaign speeches for a nominal “Campaign Donation”.    

            Contact me today to get a price quote for what it will take to get me to your event.  Contact Les Vilda, at eduexped@windstream.net or call (402) 821-3058.

**********BOOK A PERFORMANCE TODAY!**********

A Bit About The Candidate and his Campaign

My name is Les Vilda - a lifetime resident of Wilber, NE, Graduate of Wilber-Clatonia High School, with a Bachelors Degree from Doane College in Crete, NE.  I am an Eagle Scout with 3 palms, an honorably discharged Vietnam War era veteran, Ambassador of the Santa Fe Trail, 1993 recipient of the 'Nebraska's Friend Award', author, model, theater - television and movie actor, professional speaker, history consultant, Master Rope Maker, co-founder and member of the Veterans of Rocky Mountain Philosophy, and, for over 20 years, owner of my own Living History business called Have Donkey Will Travel.  I am also the connoisseur of fine manure, the guru of doo-doo, the purveyor of poop and the philosopher of feces.  That's right folks, I really know crap.  That alone should be enough to tell you that I'd make a wonderful President.

When asked why I want to be President, I reply:  Desire.  You may be asking yourself:  Is it a desire to lead?  A desire for change?  A desire for power?  A desire for world peace?  No, none of these.  It's the desire for Money.  I truely do desire the money.  It may be hard to believe, but this would be the best paying gig I've ever had!

As concerned American citizens, I'm sure you'd like to know about my Platform.  Well, I'm very proud to tell people about my platform.  It's about 8 by 14, made of redwood, and sets off the back of my house.  It's the place where the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee meets.  It's also the place I drink my morning coffee, read the newspaper, barbeque, and entertain guests.  I'm sure many Americans can relate to my platform, as many of you probably have similar platforms.  Or, maybe you have plans to build a platform like it some day.  I believe every Presidential candidate needs a good, solid platform.  Mine has held up to 30 grown adults at one time and it still stands firm.

Some people have been interested in my proposed cabinet.  If I'm elected, I can assure you that my cabinet will hold only some of the top-notched names in the business.  You may recognize some of them.  Professionals like:  Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan, Dr. McGuillicudy, Jose Cuervo, and possibly even Old Grandad.  These are names that we have known and trusted for years.

I have also been asked how I stand on the big issues facing America.  As you get to know me, you will find that I personally have very few 'strong' beliefs, one way or the other, on the big issues facing this country.  Actually, you may find that I'm pretty much just a spineless little weeney that the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee threw into the Presidential race.  If you think about it, my 'spinelessness' would allow me to freely dance and bounce around like a puppet on the strings of money and power just as well as any of the other candidates could - maybe even better.  Hence, in part, to my campaign slogan:  "Because You Couldn't Do Any Worse!"

This brings up the topic of Campaign Promises.  How many times have Political Candidates made promises to you during their campaign and then, when they get into office, they actually follow through with very few or none of them?  I'm thinking probably more times than you care to count.  Well, I'm very pleased to announce that I am NOT going to make you any campaign promises.  If I promise you nothing and I actually accomplish nothing, you won't be disappointed.  However, if I do accomplish something, you may be pleased (and very possibly surprised) and make you feel that you made the right decision in voting for me.

As my campaign grows, you may find that you do not like, or agree with, my views on various subjects.  That's fine.  I don't expect everyone to agree with me.  That's one of the things I really like in this country - we can all have our own opinions.  If your opinion is different than mine, well then...I really don't care about your opinion.  If your opinion is not the same as mine, I would really prefer you stay at home on election day.  Whatever you do, please don't go to the polls to vote.  However, if your opinion IS the same as mine, by all means get your butt to the polls and VOTE!

And when you get to the polls, remember to:

Vote Early - Vote Often - Vote More For Les!

ALL of your votes will be greatly appreciated!

Ladies and Gentlemen - I know I'm not telling you anything new when I say that campaigning costs money.  How apparent this has become as I traveled around the country this past year introducing myself to America.  My campaign relies almost entirely upon the sale of B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Souvenirs.

Help support the B.E.E.R. PARTY by purchasing campaign souvenirs OR by simply sending in a campaign donation (sorry, it is NOT tax deductible!)  Monies collected from Campaign Souvenir sales and donations will be used for transporting the Mobile Campaign Headquarters around the state of Nebraska (where I live) and possibly around the United States (if enough funds become available).  If you are interested in the B.E.E.R. Party Mobile Campaign Headquarters (and me) coming to your community (festivals, events, parades, etc.), please email me to see if arrangements can be made.  We are available for speaking engagements and/or parade opportunities.  Your support, like your vote, is greatly appreciated!

Campaign Souvenirs are available in the STORE.

UPCOMING EVENTS    (Tell your friends!)

***Les Vilda, your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate, will be appearing at the following events***
(Campaign Souvenirs will be available for purchase at these events)
January 17 - 19  Candidate Les Vilda will be making an appearance at the Nebraska Muzzleloading Association's Convention at the Ramada Inn in Kearney, NE.  Public is welcome to attend and participate.  "Stump Speaches" will be given throughout the 3 day event.  Campaign Souvenirs will be available for purchase.

Campaign Journal

June 20, 2019 (Thursday) - Wilber, NE - International Speedster Reunion   The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library is a "pit stop" for over 30 Pre-1935 vehicles along with their owners and operators on a day tour in conjunction with The International Speedster Reunion.  Come see the vehicles and visit with the owners and operators.  They are on a tight schedule, so you'll want to get here early.  They start their day in Lincoln, drive to the Filley Stone Barn, then to the Homestead National Monument near Beatrice, and then to Wilber.  From Wilber they return to Lincoln.  They will be in Wilber from about 2:15 PM until about 3:10 PM.  Les Vilda will be giving a short Presidential campaign speech during their visit.  B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Campaign Souvenirs will also be available for purchase at this event.  Information on other activities of The International Speedster Reunion (June 19 - 22)(in the Lincoln, NE area) can be found at:  www.museumofamericanspeed.com/events  or you can call Carol Doolittle at 402-323-3241.
speedster reunion cars speedster reunion visitors

December 22, 2019 (Sunday) - Visit With Santa    I went to visit SANTA the other day.  I asked him for a seat in the White House.  He pointed to the Restroom and told me "The Wipe House is right over there".
Les and Santa 2019 Santa surprised

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